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Cee and Bee run around, smash things up & get in trouble is a 112 page comic by Feliq the pseudonym of Ed Traquino a NYC based commercial artist.

It's a PG, comedic story of contemporary international adventure set in Naples, Italy and Ethiopia following two very different sisters as they scupper the plans of an aspiring supervillain.

Currently only available as a digital edition that can be purchased for $6.00 here on my website or for $6.99 from Comixology, where you can read it using their Guided view app. 


Cindy & Bianca charge around the world messing up a perfectly simple job and causing untold grief to thickset scoundrel Francis as he plots fiendishly, as scoundrels tend to.

Lurking, chasing, running away. The shabbily organized, bad tempered and confused adventure doesn't let
up even when Cee & Bee desperately want it to.

Created in the tradition of Herge and early Spielberg with a generous amount amount of irreverent humor. All designed with the non-traditional comic reader in mind.